Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Back and blogging

Well folks, after what appears to be an age away from the scene, I've decided to make a return to the whole betfair / blogging / making a bit of cash as I go merry-go-round.

For those who started to follow this blog from the start, my initial aim was to start with a bank of £20 and see whether I could trade that up into something more sizable over a period of time.

Within a week or so of the start I soon found out about the many pitfalls of trading horses and greyhounds, and that such a small bank was not really going to get me anywhere - although thankfully a prudent move in the early stages ensured my shirt remained in tact on my back.

I soon started to deviate away from the nags and mutts, and picked up on Tennis and Football.

Looking at the under/over 2.5 goals market I embarked on a strategy where I would back over 2.5 goals if it was 0-0 at a set point in time, then when the goals flew in I would trade out for a profit.

This was a reasonable approach, and some profits were had. Then I got bored and stopped.

Fortunately my £20 was by then still in one piece. Over the past months I've been looking at various other angles, and the original £20 is now just under £40. Ok so it's taken me all that time to double my cash, but remembering the fundamental principles profit is after all profit.

So after my break where do I start - answers on a postcard please!

Monday, 17 May 2010

Test Blog from mobile device

Hope this works - fingers crossed now.

Watch this space for the re-activation of the blog.