Thursday, 27 August 2009

Change of Direction...

Is what is definitely needed at this point. As a leisure only trader, the opportunities to pre-race trade the nags are disappearing with the end of summer and evening racing. I must confess I'm not going to miss it. Whilst it's been an education, the cut throat scalping is probably best left to those with big banks and balls to match.

Greyhounds I find even more unpredictable, so where now. Tennis has the liquidity, and there are good strategies out there to accommodate the swing in odds that do occur in most matches. The only hesitation I've had so far, is the ability to keep up with play thus not missing the trade. Despite many advising on which live score sites to use, I've yet to find one that is capable of providing a decent update speed.

For now I think I will stick to Football, and in particular the Under / Over 2.5 goals market. In fact that's what I've been up to over the past few days. Daily profit / loss figures as follows;

25th Aug - £0.58p
26th Aug - -£1.64p
27th Aug - £1.83p

Not a bad start. Still feeling my way with £1-£2 bets with various strategies. Only time will tell.

Catch you all later.

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